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Is a wedding website really necessary? Some will say “yes” and others may disagree. Ultimately, the decision is yours and really depends on your communication style. 

If you’re in two minds, let’s see what the benefits of a wedding website are, and then you can decide if it’s something that would be beneficial to all. 

Benefits of a wedding website

Set Expectations


While your invite has details about your wedding, it’s too small to convey all the details you may wish to relay to your guests.
The last thing you want is to be answering questions like “which entrance should I use? Or “Can I bring my kids?” and “What’s the dress code again?”

To save yourself the hassle of repeating yourself, a wedding website will help you get all the vital pieces of information across to your guests.

Connect with Your Guests

Guests attending your wedding may want to learn more about you. Let’s face it, everyone loves weddings and a good love story.

On your website you can add those extra details that you wouldn’t necessarily put on your invitation; such as where you both met, where you’ve both lived, where you’ve travelled together, the proposal etc.

If you want to you can make it fun by quizzing guests on topics related to you, or get your guests to suggest/vote for songs to be played on the big day. 


If you want a way for your guests to easily RSVP without needing to mail their response to you, or send you a text message, then an RSVP page on your website would be just the thing.

Depending on your theme or communication style, you can opt for quirky responses as opposed to the usual ‘Yes, No’ answers, like ‘Yes, count me in’, ‘I’ve been looking for an excuse to get my dancing shoes out’ or ‘Oh no, I can’t make it but I’ll be there in spirit’.

Your RSVP page can collect information such as emails, which you can quickly export, in case you need to instantly contact them for anything.

Website Sample Gallery

If you’re convinced that a wedding website is the way to go then get your wedding website now to start making planning that much easier. 

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