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Your brand identity speaks volume so it’s important that it communicates your message clearly and concisely.

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A brand is more than just what your logo looks like. It requires some very clever thinking early on in your design process to identify who you really are and what you stand for, who your target market is and how you want them to feel when they see you and where you plan to be in the years to come.

We will work with you to iron this all out before we create your brand.

Logo Design

Business Card Design

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Stationery Design

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Includes, standard business card, letterhead, envelope, presentation folder & compliment slip.

Brand Style Guide

If you want to improve your branding then we can help with this. We’ll provide you with an overall brand that your business can use across multiple streams.


A brand style guide is your business book of rules which incorporates all the  specifications of your businesses brand look and feel to ensure a continuous brand experience. So no matter where your customers interact with your business, the experience is consistent wherever they see you. 
Your brand style include elements such as; your ethos, logo, typography, colour palette, image guideline, imagery and your voice style to name a few. It lets everyone who showcases’s your business on your behalf know exactly how to present your brand to the world.


Brochure Design

Exhibition & Display Sign Design

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