Instant Website Calculator

Instant Website Calculator

Calculate the cost of your website using our calculator below. Simply select the features you’d like on your website.

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Select the type of website you need

Please select how you want to use your website.

  1. A Content Management System is software typically used for web content management, such as WordPress.

  2. A custom designed website is design and coded from scratch. Some features may utilise software such as a chatbot

Blog or Resources Page

Up to 1000 words

Writing articles and blogs are a great way to improves your websites ranking with search engines such as Google. Writing a variety of articles on a range of topics related to your business while focusing on set keywords will get you brownie points with Google for example and help to increase your ranking.

Write up to 1000 words.

Do you want to sell products?

Ecommerce stores on your site enable you to sell your products or services to clients. With an e-commerce store you will get pretty much everything you need to set up your online shop such as; access to adding products, managing your items and payment integration.
We’ll add up to 20 products to your store.

Do you need a logo design?

If you are in need of a logo or want to improve your branding then we can help with this. We’ll provide you with an overall brand that your business can use across multiple streams.

Will you write content for your pages or would you like us to use our copy writers?

It’s your business so you know it inside out, but sometimes writing several pages of compelling website sales copy can be challenging. We have copy writers who can ease the burden and write content that is keyword focused, search engine friendly and get the right message across.

Up to 3 pages:
Home Page
About Us Page
Services / Other

Will you sort your hosting or do you want us to arrange it for you?

When your website is complete, it will need to live somewhere. If you have hosting or plan to arrange it yourself, we simply need the details. Or we can suggest one suitable for you needs at no extra cost.

Inclusion & Extras

Included in your website development is:
Search engine optimised website
Mobile/device friendly
Home page
About Us
Portfolio/Testimonial page
Product showcase (up to 10 products)

Please add any additional items you need.

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